Law of attraction success story: "My spirituality is helping me succeed"

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law of attraction spirituality
Contributor: Law of attraction believer Max of and the Empower Network.

I have been deeply involved in spirituality for a number of years now. From a young age I felt a burning desire to know what was real and true. I knew that there was more to life than I was seeing. I felt incomplete, disconnected and lost.

I had a very comfortable childhood and yet I always felt something was missing. Like many people, I assumed that by perfectly arranging the circumstances of my life I could find this completeness. This belief was seen through by the time I finished high school. During my four years there I had desire after desire fulfilled, until there was nothing more I could ask for. I had a large group of friends, a great girlfriend, I was a star athlete, and was even crowned prom king. I was acutely aware…

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Free law of attraction ebook: “100 Daily Messages for Abundance”

Free ebook announcement!

From time to time, I announce an ebook giveaway on this site. These are all New Thought books that the authors have agreed to be made available for free, at least for a period of time. Email me at to request your PDF copy.

This month: 100 Daily Messages for Abundance, Enough-Ness and Prosperity by Leta Hamilton. Hamilton is a channel for Archangel Michael as well as an experienced professional writer and teacher. The first in her three-part 100 Daily Messages series, this book translates short exercises and ideas we earthbound folks can use to our benefit.

Leta Hamilton is also the author of The Way of the Toddler. You can learn more about her at

Law of attraction success story: “I found my calling in radio”

law of attraction success story - radio

Thanks to a hunch and a great title, I purchased Sex, Drugs and Meditation on Amazon–and liked it even more than I expected I would. So I wrote the author, Mary-Lou Stephens, to ask if I could share a true law of attraction success story from the book. She kindly agreed.

Here is the story of how Mary-Lou got started in her long, fulfilling radio career after years of playing in bands. It begins when she runs into an acquaintance, Chris, just after her band broke up.

“I knew Chris, one of the announcers, would be [at the event]. He’d interviewed me about my music a few times and occasionally played my songs on his program. We had formed a friendship.

“He was pleased to see me, even in the circumstances, and suggested we meet up for lunch while I was in town. Later that week we ate and talked about life and death. I poured my heart out about the band breaking up. I told Chris how it had left me devastated and unsure of what to do next. Even though . . . my troubles seemed trivial, it still hurt . . .

“When I finished he paused, looked at me and uttered one life-changing sentence. ‘Mary-Lou, you want to be in radio.’

“I knew he was right. It was a pure light bulb moment. I could feel the glow above my head.

“‘I do.’ It was astounding. ‘But I didn’t know that until right now. How did you know?’

“‘Because I know radio and I know you. It’s a perfect match.’

“It was true. I came alive when I was being interviewed in a radio studio. I loved the sense of performance. I’d performed all my life in one form or another. Radio condensed performance down to one person, one microphone, one listener. A pure connection. I’d almost forgotten that I had presented a show on community radio in Hobart when I was in my early twenties. It was supposed to be an arts show. I interviewed musicians and bands. My natural curiosity was given a legitimate outlet. But when I left Hobart for acting school in Melbourne I never gave radio another thought.

“Until now.

“I stayed in Hobart for a few more days and caught up with a friend. She suggested we check out the short films being shown at the AFTRS graduate screenings. AFTRS was the most prestigious film and TV school in Australia and she was keen to see what the new young filmmakers were doing. During the intermission the dean talked about the school.

“‘The Australian Film, Television and Radio School . . .’ he began. And that’s when I stopped listening. Radio school? It was always called the Film and TV School. I knew people who had studied there. I’d even been to the campus in Sydney, and no one ever mentioned a radio component. Until that night I’d never realised the R in AFTRS stood for radio.

“This was too close to be coincidence, only days after Chris had told me I should be in radio, this was a sign.

. . .

“Within a week of arriving back in Sydney I bumped into Simon. He and I moved in the same circle of musicians and artists.

“‘I’ve been trying to track you down,’ he said. ‘I’m now the program director for a new aspirant public radio station.’

“‘What’s that?’ I heard the word radio. The rest was unfamiliar.

“‘We don’t have a full licence yet but we’re working towards it. At the moment we broadcast in two to four week blocks whenever we’re given a frequency. I was hoping you’d present a show for us. Are you interested?’

‘”‘You want me to do a radio show?’

“‘I think you’d be great. What do you say?’

“Within a week of discovering my true vocation I was being offered a gig on air. Another sign. A miracle! I said yes.”

Mary-Lou Stephens

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Law of attraction book summary: “Sex, Drugs and Meditation” by Mary-Lou Stephens

Law of attraction book: “Conversations with God, Part One” by Neale Donald Walsch

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new-thought-5Law of attraction book:Conversations with God, Part One
Law of attraction author: Neale Donald Walsch
Law of attraction book summary writer:Mollie Player

This law of attraction book’s particular appeal:

Do I dare attempt to summarize the appeal of this book in a single paragraph? I suppose I do. This book bridges the gap between Christianity and New Thought spirituality. Then it burns that bridge.

This law of attraction book’s essence:

God speaks to us. We just need to listen. And one day, that is just what Neale Donald Walsch did. The resulting conversation was this book and the others in this series. They speak of grace, love, compassion, truth and, of course, the law of attraction.

A selection of awesome quotes attributed to God in this law of attraction book:

  • Mine is always your Highest Thought, your Clearest Word, your Grandest Feeling. Anything less is from another source.

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Law of attraction success story: “I got three job offers”

true law of attraction success story: job offers

This true law of attraction success story comes from Sarah Joyce Bryant, the very determined mother of a boy with autism. She graciously accepts donations in order to allow her to stay at home with her son, and continue doing the amazing job she’s doing. Contact her at her blog if you’d like to help.

I am a stay-at-home mom to a special needs child. His care is time-consuming, with many special appointments and routines – but it’s expensive, too. When I decided to look for work I could do from home, a few options came up. The one that I most wanted became unavailable after I applied, so I applied for the other as well.

Then, the most important part of the process occurred: I let go of the outcome.

I didn’t do this on purpose. After many weeks of worrying about when the job would call I got distracted by other things and forgot about it.

A few days after really letting go, I got a call offering me my second-choice position. I accepted, and the same day I got an email from my first choice letting me know that miraculously the job that had been eliminated due to budget cuts had been reinstated. Would I like the job? Um, yeah! I told the other job that my situation had changed and accepted that one instead.

Sarah Joyce Bryant

Law of attraction book: “The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond” by Martine Valle


Law of attraction book: The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond
Law of attraction author: Martine Vallee (editor)
Law of attraction book summary writer: Mollie Player

This law of attraction book’s particular appeal:

If you’re a fan of channelled writings and want to try out a few you may not have read yet, this may be the book for you. It’s also interesting to compare the styles and messages of these three very different communicators.

This law of attraction book’s essence:

The Great Shift is a sampling of messages channelled around the year 2012. It includes Lee Carroll and Kryon; Tom Kenyon and the Hathers and Mary Magdelen; and Patricia Cori and the High Council of Sirus.

For more information on this law of attraction book, see:

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Law of attraction book: "How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs" by Greg Kuhn


Law of attraction book: How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs: Your Personal Coaching Guide to Truly and Fully Unleash the Law of Attraction
Law of attraction author: Greg Kuhn
Law of attraction book summary writer: Mollie Player

This law of attraction book’s particular appeal:

Greg Kuhn is a super cool dude. In his How Quantum Physicists series he interprets Esther Hicks and Abraham’s writing for anyone who needs more in-depth understanding. Recommended.

This law of attraction book’s essence:

Here are a couple of quotes that pretty much sum up this law of attraction book:

“What you will find in this book is a necessary overview of your brain (so you know enough about how it works and what its function is), a review of how your beliefs create your reality (so you know why you need to change them), a description of how you got your beliefs in the first place (so you understand how simple it is to change them), a detailed explanation of how to use my process to change your beliefs (so you can finally align them with, and manifest, your desires), additional coaching to help you as you work my process (so you can keep moving forward and align your beliefs with your desires), a description of the first time I used my process (so you have my example to draw upon), and a description of a coaching client’s first-time use of my process (so you can see how it worked for someone else).”

“Ready? Here is the process. Please don’t be fooled by how simple it may sound at first read. 1. Using the Emotional Reference Chart, identify how you feel about the thing you desire that is currently absent from your life. 2. Select the next highest emotion up the chart and write about your absent desire from that perspective. 3. Live your way into that next highest emotion over the course of one to three days (or longer if you feel it necessary). 4. Select the next highest emotion up the chart from the one you just wrote about/lived your way into and write about it/live your way into it in the same manner you did with the previous one. 5. Never moving more than one emotion up at a time and never more than one emotion up per day, repeat steps 2 through 4 until you have moved yourself all the way up to the top of the Emotional Reference Chart.”

For more information on this law of attraction book, see:

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Law of attraction success story: “I manifested a Kindle”


Contributor: Law of attraction believer Allison.

From the moment I heard there would be a raffle at my company Christmas party I was intrigued. It was something they had never done in the 9 years I had worked there – or at least not on such a large scale. Several awesome prizes were to be had, including an 8-person tent and a fit bit watch – something my husband had his eye on. When I heard there would be a Kindle in the giveaway – well!

My mind immediately raced to all the amazing things I could do with it. Road trips would be greatly improved for my 5 year old, for starters!

At this time I didn’t know anything about the law of attraction. The whole idea seemed strange – too good to be true to my practical mind. However, as the sister of the talented Mollie Player, I felt it was necessary (and as it just so happens, enjoyable) to support her by reading her books and blog. Her talent is obvious, of course, but I am impressed by her honest desire to spread the message of the law of attraction in order that others’ lives can also be transformed. I’m so grateful to her for this site!

And so, perhaps I picked up something in my casual reading of Mollie’s blog over the years. Because soon I was doing all the right things. I imagined the Kindle was already mine. I told my friends and family I wanted it. And I soon felt confident in the knowledge that it was mine – somehow I knew it was to be so! So I waited the month or so before the party in happy anticipation. Not surprising, that day I heard my raffle number called. Right after my husband won the fit bit watch.

As a Doubting Thomas maybe I needed to see the law at work before believing. I didn’t know any of the “rules” but I applied them. And because it is a law, it must be obeyed. You can bet I have begun researching all I can get my hands on on the subject and will continue to do so.

Law of attraction book: “How to Solve the Paradox of the Universal Laws of Attraction” by Cary David Richards


Law of attraction book: How to Solve the Paradox of the Universal Laws of Attraction: 8 Shortcuts to Using Coincidence and Sychronicity to Untangle the Mystery
Law of attraction author: Cary David Richards
Law of attraction book summary writer: Mollie Player

The unique appeal of this law of attraction book:

Richards seems to believe that the law of attraction has been misrepresented by get-rich-quick schemers and, let’s face it, he has a point.

This law of attraction book’s essence:

The Law of Attraction Puzzle teaches a few law of attraction basics, the main one being the importance of action in your pursuit of an improved life experience.

Notable quotes from this law of attraction book:

  • “Action energizes and directs the ‘Law of Attraction.'”
  • “String theory (sometimes called the theory of everything) basically maintains that everything in the universe is made up of unimaginably small vibrating filaments (or strings) of energy.”
  • “It is becoming a scientifically proven fact that at the most fundamental level, how something vibrates determines what it is in our reality and that we are all vibrationaly connected with everything and everyone.”
  • “The “Law of Attraction” is not something you turn on or off. It is always there working for you (or sometimes it seems, against you.)”
  • “If you can, stop and reflect for a few minutes what you have been feeding your subconscious mind over the last few weeks, months, and years. Has it been powerful, positive images filled with love and respect for your fellow man? Affirmations about an abundant universe ready to grant your wants and desires? Or has it been negative, greedy, guilt-filled grumblings about how the other guy has all the wealth and doesn’t deserve it, ranting about how someone cut you off on the freeway, or quibbling about how some problem or another is your spouse’s fault? Be honest now!”
  • “Action is a form of affirmation.”
  • “I believe that it’s very hard to vibrate the things you desire into existence when you’re doing nothing.”
  • “Try believing that you’re not ready for a triathlon after you’ve seen yourself take the massive action of training everyday for six months.”

For more information on this law of attraction book, see:

How to Solve the Paradox on Amazon



Law of attraction success story: “We got a raise”


Contributor: Allison Hodson

A welder by trade, my husband was recently promoted to a management position at the hardware store where we met. With the change came the promise of a raise, but after six months of waiting I was beginning to feel it was never going to happen.

A month ago, I discovered this blog and decided to try using the law of attraction in my life. However, I had no idea where to begin.

When I visited my sister this spring, she coached me through the first steps. As we sat in McDonalds one morning watching our kids play together, she asked me if there was one thing I could believe for right now  to use as practice–something small enough to have faith in, but big enough to know it worked. I told her I would like more money. She told me to be more specific, so I said, “I want my husband to get his raise.”

“That’s it,” she said. “That’s what we’ll affirm.” Then she made a few statements (prayers, if you will) and I agreed.

Throughout the following week, I repeated our affirmations many times. I didn’t force it, or feel anxious. I just allowed God and Jesus (I am a Christian) to work on my behalf in the right time.

A week after that, the raise came through.