True law of attraction success story: “I got rid of my eating disorder”

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Not so many years ago, I was obsessed with something sort of embarrassing.

I really, really wanted to lose weight.

I tried every diet, did whatever I could to finally figure out what would work–a process that resulted in a decade-long eating disorder. In the end, I did figure it out (and I’m still proud of my diet book, The Emergency Diet). But I still had the eating disorder.

And it was awful.

Every day—nearly every day, anyway—my mind was consumed (!) with eating. I prayed about it. I planned it in detail. I made all kinds of decisions, including whether or not to see friends that day, based on the way that I felt about my body.

And then one day, the disorder just let me go.

Briefly, what happened was this: I told God that I felt powerless over this inner demon, and that I was going to fully embrace it–for now. I would count every calorie, binge eat and starve, until I could truly say I was sick of it all.

So, that is what I did. I let go of my need to be healed and instead allowed myself to be flawed and in pain. Then, not long after, that glorious day came when I was truly ready to be different.

The many gory details of this story are part of a book of mine still in progress, so for now I’ll just skip to the end: Since that time I’ve dieted rarely, and have maintained a healthy, thin weight.

To some, this might not seem like a law of attraction story. There were no mantras, no formulas, involved–just a deeply felt desire and intention to one day overcome the problem. At that difficult time in my life, however, more work wasn’t what I needed. I needed less work, less doing, less obsession. I needed to allow myself to do what I wanted to do, make so-called “poor” decisions–to just sort of give myself a break. Eventually, my deeper self–my true self–came forward and tapped me on the shoulder, telling me that it was time to move on.

Worrying about stuff, I believe, doesn’t make it better. In fact, if we are to believe many teachers of the law of attraction, obsession often delays the goal considerably.

Mollie Player

What does the struggle for inner peace look like for the rest of us?

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Free law of attraction ebook: “100 Daily Messages for No-Mind, Mind-Mastery and the Heart-Mind Connection

Free ebook announcement: From time to time, I announce an ebook giveaway on this site. These are all New Thought books that the authors have agreed to be made available for free, at least for a period of time. Email me at to request your PDF copy.

This month: 100 Daily Messages for No-Mind, Mind-Mastery and the Heart-Mind Connection by Leta Hamilton. Hamilton is a channel for Archangel Michael as well as an experienced professional writer and teacher. The fourth in her four-part 100 Daily Messages series, this book translates short exercises and ideas we earthbound folks can use to our benefit.

Leta Hamilton is also the author of The Way of the Toddler as well as a Player Foundation board member. You can learn more about her at

True law of attraction success story: “I found a singer and produced my song”

A good friend and I create music as a hobby; he is the producer and I am the song writer/rapper. The problem is, when I write, the choruses are often written to
be sung and neither he nor I can sing well!

And so, recently my friend and I decided to reach out to singers on Youtube asking for help. Many replied, saying they’d love to sing for us, but unfortunately none followed through. It got to the point where we were tired of all the disappointments so we pretty much gave up looking for the right person and focused on making the best music we could. However, we did both put out an intention to the Universe to one day have female singers to collaborate with . . . somehow!

Then, we moved on with our life and work, and rarely if ever thought about the problem. And as it turned out that was probably the best thing we could’ve done.

Months passed, and finally one singer came to us . . . then another, then another. At the end of last year, all three singers were ready to help–and all of them lived locally.

One of them was a customer at my day job (retail work at a mobile phone company) who had to have her phone repaired and was sad that all her voice (singing!) recordings were to be deleted in the process. Another came through my mate’s cousin who after hearing some of our music said that he had a female friend who would be keen on collaborating with us. And the last one came about through my mate again who “fell in love” with the daughter of a bassist who was performing at a Sri Lankan concert he was sound engineering at. It turned out his crush could sing!

But it’s interesting how this law of attraction works. I think that love (unconditional acceptance of what is, right now) allows us to be at peace with our present, removing resistance caused by duality which allows us to sort of melt into what is and become whole with the non-dual nature of existence. In a sense, the letting go of the desire is kind of a sign that we have moved into this unconditional acceptance state where we may not even care if the desire comes or not because the feeling and vibration of peace is enough. Then, magically, we attract what we think will make us whole–because we are already whole.

Kind regards,

You can keep up with Zack’s music on Youtube.

Law of attraction book: “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker

law of attraction success story - face

New Thought book: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
New Thought author: T. Harv Eker
New Thought book summary writer: Mollie Player

This New Thought book’s particular appeal:

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is readable. Kinda corny, but readable. And probably helpful, too.

Notable quotes on the role of the law of attraction and the mind in the creation of wealth:

  • “What’s going on here is that the real problem cannot be changed in the ‘printout,’ the physical world; it can only be changed in the ‘program. . .’”
  • “In our courses we teach that ‘no thought lives in your head rent-free.’ Each thought you have will either be an investment or a cost. It will either move you toward happiness and success or away from it. It will either empower you or disempower you. That’s why it is imperative you choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely.”

  • “Universe, if anyone has something great coming to them and they’re not willing to take it, send it to me! I am open and willing to receive all of your blessings. Thank you.”
  • “Now in my “broke” days, I’d go into this discussion with the goal of making my point and making sure I don’t pay this guy one cent more than we agreed upon. And even though I’d like to keep him as a supplier, this would probably end up in a huge argument. I’d go in thinking either he wins or I win. Today, however, because I’ve trained myself to think in terms of “both,” I’m going into this discussion completely open to creating a situation where I’m not going to pay him any more money and he’s going to be extremely happy with the arrangements we do make. In other words, my goal is to have both!”

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Law of attraction success story: “Everything fell into place”

The Law of Attraction Project


Contributor: Hanna Goss of Goss Coaching. Hanna has a great blog about mental and physical health as well as spiritual practices like the law of attraction at

In 2009, I really “got” the law of attraction. Consciously, I let go of struggling against my life and focused on appreciating my home, my job, my relationships, my body, me—everything!

About two months later, I was sitting at home having dinner when my husband called from a conference. After a few minutes of catching up, he said, “Some people have asked me to apply for a job.”

It happened to be in another state in an area that we loved and had dreamed of retiring to “someday.” I encouraged him to throw his hat in the ring, if that was what he wanted.

He arrived back home on Tuesday and had his application in on Thursday. The following week…

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New book announcement: The Power of Acceptance (just 99 cents!)

The Power of Acceptance: A Spirtuality Memoir by Mollie Player

Pleased to announce that my latest book, The Power of Acceptance: One Year of Mindfulness and Meditation, is now available at Amazon. This is a follow-up to You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends.

From the back cover:

For a day, a week, even a month at a time, she had the feeling continuously. She had it while she read, while she drove, while she ate, and while she played with her child. Which is why each time the feeling left, it was a great disappointment.

It was the feeling of connection with the Divine, and Mollie Player wanted to hold on to it forever. But how?

What was the key to continuous meditation?

Following You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends, The Power of Acceptance is her answer to that question. In this year-long journal she shares her attempt to do a sitting meditation each day, then remain in the state of meditation as much as possible after that.
Featuring interviews on meditation from long-time practitioners, The Power of Acceptance isn’t a meditation prescription, but rather a personal story of one woman’s spiritual struggles . . . and breakthroughs.

For a limited time, The Power of Acceptance and You’re Getting Closer are just 99 cents.

Thanks to my support system for helping me fill up the corners left in my day with writing time. Much love.

Law of attraction success story: “My spirituality is helping me succeed”

Here is one of the law of attraction success stories published previously at under the “Success Stories” tab. Enjoy.

The Law of Attraction Project

law of attraction spirituality
Contributor: Law of attraction believer Max of and the Empower Network.

I have been deeply involved in spirituality for a number of years now. From a young age I felt a burning desire to know what was real and true. I knew that there was more to life than I was seeing. I felt incomplete, disconnected and lost.

I had a very comfortable childhood and yet I always felt something was missing. Like many people, I assumed that by perfectly arranging the circumstances of my life I could find this completeness. This belief was seen through by the time I finished high school. During my four years there I had desire after desire fulfilled, until there was nothing more I could ask for. I had a large group of friends, a great girlfriend, I was a star athlete, and was even crowned prom king. I was acutely aware…

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Free law of attraction ebook: “100 Daily Messages for Abundance”

Free ebook announcement!

From time to time, I announce an ebook giveaway on this site. These are all New Thought books that the authors have agreed to be made available for free, at least for a period of time. Email me at to request your PDF copy.

This month: 100 Daily Messages for Abundance, Enough-Ness and Prosperity by Leta Hamilton. Hamilton is a channel for Archangel Michael as well as an experienced professional writer and teacher. The first in her three-part 100 Daily Messages series, this book translates short exercises and ideas we earthbound folks can use to our benefit.

Leta Hamilton is also the author of The Way of the Toddler. You can learn more about her at

Law of attraction success story: “I found my calling in radio”

law of attraction success story - radio

Thanks to a hunch and a great title, I purchased Sex, Drugs and Meditation on Amazon–and liked it even more than I expected I would. So I wrote the author, Mary-Lou Stephens, to ask if I could share a true law of attraction success story from the book. She kindly agreed.

Here is the story of how Mary-Lou got started in her long, fulfilling radio career after years of playing in bands. It begins when she runs into an acquaintance, Chris, just after her band broke up.

“I knew Chris, one of the announcers, would be [at the event]. He’d interviewed me about my music a few times and occasionally played my songs on his program. We had formed a friendship.

“He was pleased to see me, even in the circumstances, and suggested we meet up for lunch while I was in town. Later that week we ate and talked about life and death. I poured my heart out about the band breaking up. I told Chris how it had left me devastated and unsure of what to do next. Even though . . . my troubles seemed trivial, it still hurt . . .

“When I finished he paused, looked at me and uttered one life-changing sentence. ‘Mary-Lou, you want to be in radio.’

“I knew he was right. It was a pure light bulb moment. I could feel the glow above my head.

“‘I do.’ It was astounding. ‘But I didn’t know that until right now. How did you know?’

“‘Because I know radio and I know you. It’s a perfect match.’

“It was true. I came alive when I was being interviewed in a radio studio. I loved the sense of performance. I’d performed all my life in one form or another. Radio condensed performance down to one person, one microphone, one listener. A pure connection. I’d almost forgotten that I had presented a show on community radio in Hobart when I was in my early twenties. It was supposed to be an arts show. I interviewed musicians and bands. My natural curiosity was given a legitimate outlet. But when I left Hobart for acting school in Melbourne I never gave radio another thought.

“Until now.

“I stayed in Hobart for a few more days and caught up with a friend. She suggested we check out the short films being shown at the AFTRS graduate screenings. AFTRS was the most prestigious film and TV school in Australia and she was keen to see what the new young filmmakers were doing. During the intermission the dean talked about the school.

“‘The Australian Film, Television and Radio School . . .’ he began. And that’s when I stopped listening. Radio school? It was always called the Film and TV School. I knew people who had studied there. I’d even been to the campus in Sydney, and no one ever mentioned a radio component. Until that night I’d never realised the R in AFTRS stood for radio.

“This was too close to be coincidence, only days after Chris had told me I should be in radio, this was a sign.

. . .

“Within a week of arriving back in Sydney I bumped into Simon. He and I moved in the same circle of musicians and artists.

“‘I’ve been trying to track you down,’ he said. ‘I’m now the program director for a new aspirant public radio station.’

“‘What’s that?’ I heard the word radio. The rest was unfamiliar.

“‘We don’t have a full licence yet but we’re working towards it. At the moment we broadcast in two to four week blocks whenever we’re given a frequency. I was hoping you’d present a show for us. Are you interested?’

‘”‘You want me to do a radio show?’

“‘I think you’d be great. What do you say?’

“Within a week of discovering my true vocation I was being offered a gig on air. Another sign. A miracle! I said yes.”

Mary-Lou Stephens

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