Law of attraction success story: “My life is just about perfect”


Contributor: Mollie Player, author of several New Thought books including You’re Getting Closer: One Year of Finding God and a Few Good Friends. Get your free copy by commenting on her blog at

I am inspired.

Isn’t that just an amazing thing to be able to say about onesself? But it’s true: I am inspired. Every single day.

Lately on this blog I’ve been sharing a lot of stories from other people. My own precious writing time has been reserved for my next set of books (a three-part series to be announced soon) and my new baby, Claus David. (The above is a recent photo of him and has nothing to do with this post … just wanted to share the cuteness!) Today, though, I wanted to catch up my readers on a few of the most beautiful, pause-and-reflect-in-gratitude recent developments in my life, all of which are the result of the mindset I’ve brought with me throughout my days:

1. I have a beautiful new home. It’s just the right size and location for me.

2. I have Claus. (Okay, maybe this post is partly about him, actually.) Healthy and an excellent breastfeeder–both wonderful gifts that I prayed for many times during my pregnancy.

3. I have inspiration. I wake up feeling good. Let me say that again: I wake up in the morning feeling good.

As a formerly depressed person, all I can say about that is I am completely thankful–and a little surprised, too. And I really believe that it has everything to do with the law of attraction. But I’ll let you decide for yourself; more details on these and other recent life changes to come in 2013.

Mollie Player

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  1. I will say that you not so much “have” inspiration, as you ARE inspiration, to rephrase your statements on gratefulness as a statement of ‘Being’. If you have something, you can lose it, but if you ARE something, then you can never lose this, only forget for a while and then remember. It’s the story of most of our lives. But you already know this, your baby is very beautiful and the photo is excellent.


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